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Thread: Anyone going to any summer shows?

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    Default Anyone going to any summer shows?

    Of course Pearl Jam is sold out, but at the scalping website they start at 79, and go up to 1000. What were the original prices? I just don't see Eddie approving those kind of prices.

    I'm trying to decide between them and Phish. Because Phish is an outdoor show, I might go to that one. last year I saw 4 shows!

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    Julio Iglesias and the Gipsy Kings are on my list.

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    I'm seeing Kings of Leon towards the end of summer. It'll be blistering damn hot outside by then, no doubt.

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    I'm seeing Conan in June!!! Ringo Starr in July and we'll see who else is coming around.

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    i doubt there will be anything good all the way down here, at least not for months (and it'll be winter here but never mind) but i'm going to montreal early june and my friends already got me tickets for 2 shows: lcd soundsystem and sharon jones and the dap-kings. can't wait.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cmmdee View Post
    Julio Iglesias and the Gipsy Kings are on my list.
    Ohhhh I would like to go see Don Juan too lol
    Never heard of Gipsy Kings - are they good? What are they? (just curious)
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