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Thread: Solange Knowles covers Dirty Projectors - so weird!

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    Default Solange Knowles covers Dirty Projectors - so weird!

    i'm not a big fan of this type of r n' b - it's overproduced, repetitive, and it seems like every singer today is doing it (cristina aguilera, beyonce, etc, etc....) but i had to post this for the inherent weirdness of beyoncé's little sister covering dirty projectors - a brooklyn-based experimental rock band - whom i love.

    when i heard about this, i was surprised, to say the least. but it actually kind of makes sense since the original is dirty projectors going all tongue-in-cheek rn'b. what's more surprising is that solange made a pretty good cover. of course it helps that the original song is excellent.

    here's the song:


    and this is the original dirty projectors song:


    Tuesday, November 24, 2009

    "Stillness Is the Move" (Dirty Projectors cover)



    With as much inherent pop-accessibilityas Bitte Orca has, it's kind of surprising something like this hadn't already happened in the six months since Dirty Projectors' latest dazzler saw release. And while part of me is curious as to what it would sound like if the older, less-quirky Knowles sister were to give it a go, Solange's sleek and sexy approach realizes its potential. Recording multiple vocal tracks that occasionally overlap, Solange nicely replicates the skewed harmonies that Amber Coffman and Angel Deradoorian love so much, providing space to ad-lib and play around with the stuttering drums and tambourines. Neatest trick: Dave Longstreth's batty guitar hook is swapped out for an equally juicy one, from Soul Mann & the Brothers' "Bumpy's Lament" (notable for anchoring Dr. Dre's "XXplosive" and Erykah Badu's "Bag Lady"). It's a brilliantly sly take on a great song that reflects the malleability of Dirty Projectors' music as well as Solange's impeccable taste.
    Stream:> Solange: "Stillness Is the Move"

    — Zach Kelly, November 24, 2009
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    quite good, solange has more talent than Beyonce but I guess so does pile of shit too
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