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Thread: Phil Collins never going to play drums again...

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    Unhappy Phil Collins never going to play drums again...

    Phil Collins yesterday revealed he will never play the drums again because of a spine injury.
    The Genesis star says he can no longer even hold his drum sticks because sitting at a kit is too painful.
    Phil, 58, said: "I've got a condition that means I can't play any more. After playing drums for 50 years, I've had to stop.
    "Obviously I'm very sad about it. My vertebrae has been crushing my spinal cord because of the position I drum in.
    "It comes from years of playing. I can't even hold the sticks properly without it being painful.
    "I even used to tape the sticks to my hands to get through.
    But don't worry, I can still sing."
    The news will be heartbreaking for Phil's millions of fans worldwide.
    A friend said: "He is devastated as drumming is everything to him. It's how he made his name and it set him on the road to superstardom.
    "But drumming has been getting more and more painful and he decided enough was enough and called it a day. He has to put his health first."

    Exclusive: Phil Collins reveals he will never drum again due to spine injury -

    I know he's old news but I've always liked Phil and really loved Genesis back in the day. I thought this was pretty sad. He's a really talented guy.

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    awww! I loved him back in the day and enjoy a good Phil or Genesis song every once in awhile. This sucks
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    su su sucka
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    sad to hear about this

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimmlok View Post
    su su sucka
    That fucking song. It was everywhere back then. Hated it. Hated him. Boo fucking hoo. Sorry, but this is no "spinal injury." This is karma.

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    Did he inform everyone with a fax??

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    Oh well.
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    Awww.....I like him too. Except for all the marrying chicks and dumping thing.

    One of my first tapes, yes tape, was 'No Jacket Required'. Still like it.

    Oh well, it might have been time anyway to hang it up perhaps? Just saying.

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