Third Eye Blind Should Submit "Non-Dairy Creamer" To Worst Song Of 2008 Contest

Third Eye Blind (you remember, from the '90s?) quietly released a new single a few weeks ago. Reader Michael points out that frontman Stephan Jenkins quotes "Paper Planes" (I thought we buried that?) in its final minute, a fact I missed when I first heard the song and failed to make it through the whole thing. He writes...

Third Eye Blind's new single "Non-Dairy Creamer" is pretty much golden in all the worst ways. You really should post something about it, because it not only has some, uhh --noteworthy -- lyrics (In short, it begins to talk about KFC chicken not really being chicken and there is a "Young gay Republicans!" chant breakdown.) More interesting, though, is that the final minutes of the song quotes MIA's "Paper Planes."

Brace yourselves:

KFC, STDs, M.I.A. ... LOL. I don't even mind Third Eye Blind when they come on XM Lucy. But this song could not go unpunished. Lyrics in case you need to deface anyone's Facebook wall are here: Third Eye Blind : Songs

The Red Star EP is out Tuesday on Sony.
Third Eye Blind Submit "Non-Dairy Creamer" To Worst Song Of 2008 Contest - Stereogum

UPDATE: Stephan Jenkins [lead singer] responds:
Late last week we set off a firestorm by sharing a reader e-mail about Third Eye Blind's "Non-Dairy Creamer," a new song we agreed was "pretty much golden in all the worst ways" and wanted you to hear if only because it quoted M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes." We had never blogged about Third Eye Blind on this site previously, but are always happy to indulge in alt-rock nostalgia. So far the post has over 200 comments for and against the song! (Many of them written by two people, but still.) We got word the other day that lead singer/songwriter Stephan Jenkins even chimed in, though no one acknowledged him. So we invited Mr. Jenkins to set the record straight and clarify his intentions with regard to "Non-Dairy Creamer"...
The great thing about music is that it brings all types of people together, and I remain astonished at the capacity of lyrics to move things. Don't know why 3eb's lyrics have been so controversial in the past -- they are about as racy as your current novel. Most importantly, I continue to be inspired by our audience, which is mostly college kids. While we as a band try to move past politics, I personally had been on the campaign trail in a grass roots fashion for many months supporting Obama, which leads me to this song.

In regards to "Non-Dairy Creamer," indeed humor is the intent, both musically and lyrically. I've felt provoked and poisoned by our politics and culture in the last few years. I wanted to amplify that provocation with some irony and take a knock at some of these fear-based phrases like "threat level orange." All kinds of hypocrisy in current headlines then popped into my head and I rhymed em. I meant for it to be a hoot (though I know it has some teeth). Bombastic humor being the balm to move past a pretty nasty period.

Something like that. I'm not very good at talking about my own stuff. Wish I tossed some jokes in here as well, but my humor always tends towards too dry and dark. There's no topping the KFC hat -- they could have their own line!

Thanks Stephan. Does that change anyone's opinion of the song?
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The song is colossally bad. Its not even edgy or witty- its just trying too hard. I'm a big Third Eye Blind fan, but I think this new song is pretentious crap. And unfortunately I've met Stephen Jenkins and he's a pretentious jerk, just like this song. I may share the story some other time.