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Thread: Music at your workplace

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    Default Music at your workplace

    I was driving around earlier running errands and getting some grub and on the radio this lady called into the radio station and was telling the DJ how mean her boss is and doesnt allow them to listen to any music. I thought there is no way I could not listen to music if I had a sit down job.
    What about you guys, do you get to listen to music and what kind of music do you get to listen to? My husband listens to his 70's music on Yahoo Launch.

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    Default Re: Music at your workplace

    I have a little radio in my office and can listen to whatever I want. But since I'm a dork I usually choose to listen to I guess what would be considered soft rock. Actually I have no clue what it would be considered.

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    Default Re: Music at your workplace

    I work alone in the office, so I do have control...Right now I am listening to an "easy listening" type station...jsut the right mix for work IMO. You don't have to worry about offensive lyrics if customers are in...we have speakers out in the climate control units but I have been playing Sara McLaughlin(sp) for months!! For some reason, this cd changer (it is a 5 disc changer) that I have won't play burned discs, and the owner hasn't bought any new discs...I know people who come in regularly would like to rip the speakers out!!

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    Default Re: Music at your workplace

    The little department that I work in (all 3 of us, yay!) listen to Radio 1 online, the other departments aren't allowed to have it because they're selling stuff on the phone. I wouldn't be able to work without it now and we all comment on what we like and don't like, they also play all these stupid crank call games which keep us amused at the end of a long day.

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    Default Re: Music at your workplace

    We listen to radio 1 in work too and I don't think I could cope without it, Chris Moyles is a legend isn't he?? And I like Scott Mills now too, I find his show the most entertaining now the way they wind everyone up!

    I can't stand Joe Whiley though, what she talks about is just pointless, boring crap. I actually find her embarrassing sometimes because she makes herself sound stupid with some of the questions she asks famous people. I don't know how she's even still on the radio. I even emailed her once telling her how I felt about her, sad I know! I didn't get a reply but I really hope she read it!

    Phew anyway, thats my Joe Whiley rant over for the day!!
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