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Thread: Puppini Sisters: Wuthering Heights

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    Default Puppini Sisters: Wuthering Heights


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    I don't like it really. The melody is too much fun and easy listening and light hearted - it doesn't really correspond with the overly dramatic story of Wuthering Heights where like 5 or 6 people die due Heathcliff.

    I just happened to listen to kate bush's original some days ago and I think nothing can compare to that really. It soooo captures the creepy ghost tapping on Heathcliffs window at nights, asking to let her in. it's so heart-wrenching.

    But I do like the original film material of the video

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    I saw the Puppinis do it live, and it was much creepier, less lighthearted. Kate Bush is a little screechy for me. The Puppinis also do a good cover of "I Will Survive".

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    I like Kate's much better.

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    Not bad.

    Kate's version is the best.

    I also think the Pat Benatar version tops this as well. I never liked her music, but her cover of this was good.
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