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Thread: What celebs have you seen?

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    The King of Sweden came to my job to see a Nobel Prize winner that he was friends with. I took a stroll to get a look at him. Fawn Hall jumped up on my counter to sit when I worked at Sears right after the Iran Contra hearings. She had on a trench coat and was really twitchy. I don't count Washington Redskin players that I've seen as celebs because I don't like the team.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShimmeringGlow View Post
    Fawn Hall jumped up on my counter to sit when I worked at Sears right after the Iran Contra hearings. She had on a trench coat and was really twitchy.
    What??? Twitchy is Fawn Hall? And she wears a trench coat? Gtfoh!
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    Ugh, sadly R Kelly in Vegas back in 2001 in Vegas. I was a drunk underaged person. He was pissed off when I requested my sharpie marker back. Was after I think the Billboard Awards show? Was at the then MGM Casino.

    NOTE: best celeb moment was Ice T and Coco in AZ. I think I was 18 at the time and thoght her name was Gogo. Anyways, sweet couple and Ice T did a rap for me, along with a signing.

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    Saw Daniel Radcliffe less than 2 hours ago. He's filming in our town, on a small street where I park my car, so I had access to the set. I'm kicking myself because I had to drive my car out of my car park onto the set and he was looking my way but I didn't wave as I wasn't 100% sure it was him and didn't want to look like a tit. Turns out it was, dammit! He was wearing a 70's wig and beard so looked different, but looking at videos uploaded from today, it was. I knew he was short but he's pocket sized!
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