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Thread: Viggo Mortensen speaks 9 languages

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    ^ same here in Switzerland. Speaking Swiss German, learning German from kindergarden on, later French and English (now it's first English, then French). Depending on your school you'll learn Italian as well.
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    I wish we did. I speak a smattering of languages, nothing particularly well....
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    Quote Originally Posted by yanna View Post
    We did that for the kid and changed the Kids account to Norwegian so he gets to hear Norwegian dub on everything. Ridiculous it took us so long, it's really cool.

    Speaking of Viggo and how multilingual he is, he's cheating with Danish, Swedish and Norwegian, those are incredibly similar. You speak one and you can mostly understand the others too and Nordics often just talk to each other each speaking their language and they understand. If you see The Bridge in it's Swedish/Danish original, the Swedish cop speaks Swedish and the Danish cop Danish and they understand each other just fine. However, the poor Finnish cop is just sitting in the corner talking to himself
    It is, even though Danish is easier to understand if you live south of Sweden and already have a dialect that has Danish influences.
    I can mostly read Danish, but spoken Danish is kind of a nightmare, as I'm used to Stockholm Swedish.
    Yet Scandinavian languages are very similar, so if you know one, learning the others is not that challenging. Except Icelandic and its fucking atrocious grammar XD
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    Quote Originally Posted by Novice View Post
    I was just reading about setting up a Netflix account that plays other language programs by selecting the language in settings! I'm thinking of doing this as I'm trying to teach myself German & Russian.
    I've done this for Italian although not all titles are available in that language. It's very helpful but it means the interface is in Italian which pisses off my boyfriend because he doesn't know the language. Fun times.
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