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Thread: Could we have a thread with a list of which celebs have covid19?

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    They'll find out the hard way that their "superior" immunity achieved by putting their body at risk for life long complications doesn't last for more than a few months, save some memory T cells. Which might be enough if the infectious diseases didn't mutate.

    Don't even get me started on the people for whom this is about nothing more than the dislike of a tiny needle jab!

    Oh okay. So instead of a 0.5-1 inch length, 22-25ga split second injection you'd rather have a endotracheal tube down your throat, a PICC line (a large IV that basically goes through a vein all the way up to/into your heart) a catheter in your urethra, a rectal tube for your poop, and who knows what else. Maybe a few chest tubes to decompress fluid or air. Maybe a dialysis shunt/catheter in your chest or arm if your kidneys crap out from either the disease or the treatments. If you got a hole without a tube or line, we can fill it. If we run out of holes, we can make one. And put a tube in it.

    But hey "don't poke me!" <eyeroll>

    A realistic description of what being hospitalized with severe Covid could entail:
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    Quote Originally Posted by MohandasKGanja View Post
    Mrs Mo and I got our Moderna boosters today. Just in time for the upsurge in COVID cases across the US.
    So jealous, really want mine but happy for you and yesterday my mum got her third Moderna too
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    I'm happy to report that I have neither a re-infection of La COVIDA or the flu. Both tests came back negative. Just had a nasty little viral thing floating through me for 3 days. I'm also happy to report I had my Pfizer booster last week as well. I wanted Moderna but right now my job is only boosting with your original vaxx unless you had J&J.

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