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Thread: Celebrity siblings

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    Bless Dame Judith Anderson for being one of the greatest movie villainess' ever.

    I love both Olivia and Joan equally.

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    ^^ I love Dame Judith......scary as Mrs. Danvers.....and then ditzy as Big Momma in Cat on a Hot Tin....great range

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    Default When acting it's a family business

    Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen

    Fun trivia fact about brothers Emilio Estevez (left) and Charlie Sheen (right): They used to share the same last name. Both Charlie and Emilio (along with siblings Renée and Ramon) were all born with the last name Estevez. But when Charlie embarked on an acting career, he adopted the same stage name as his father, Martin, while Emilio chose to stick with the original family surname.

    Ben and Casey Affleck

    For a long time, older brother Ben (right) was the Affleck brother of choice in Hollywood circles. But with his Oscar-nominated role in “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford” and his role in “Gone Baby Gone” (directed by Ben), younger brother Casey is making a big splash on the scene

    Owen and Luke Wilson

    Luke Wilson (left) and brother Owen Wilson have been charming film audiences both together and separately since their feature-film debut in 1996’s “Bottle Rocket,” which Owen cowrote with future collaborator Wes Anderson.

    Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal

    Brother-and-sister thespians Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal come from a Hollywood family. Their dad, Stephen Gyllenhaal, is an Emmy-nominated director, and their mother, Naomi Foner, is an Oscar-nominated writer. The sibs first appeared on film together in Stephen’s 1998 film “Homegrown.” Talk about keeping it in the family.

    Jessica and Joshua Alba

    Jessica Alba's brother Joshua started acting when he was 18 years old, which is when he booked his first job, "Dark Angel" (2000), starring his sister Jessica.

    Scarlett Johansson's sister Vanessa Johansson (actress)

    Vanessa Johansson is Scarlett's Johansson big sister. Their mother, Melanie Sloan is a producer.

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    Warren Beatty: actor, director, writer, producer.

    ***** celeb

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    Not sure if they were posted yet.
    The Wayans brothers. Are they considered celebrities?

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    The Albas look good. Also Scar-Jo's sister.

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    Josh Alba is hot

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    Quote Originally Posted by word View Post
    ^WHOA! Jessica Alba's brother is HOT! And Scar-Ho's sister is very pretty! I love how they're both hands down the better looking sibling but yet the least famous.

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    wow, i had no idea Shirley Maclaine abd Warren Beatty are siblings. cool!

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    Scar jo's sister is really pretty. Less annoying on my eyes.

    On the gross side, but I'd do all the Culkins. Line 'em up. Even though I think Mac is a god-awful actor.

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    Default Almost famous: Fifteen incognito Hollywood siblings

    Fame, fortune, paparazzi: celebrity has its ups and downs. But what if you’re the less-famous brother or sister of a movie star? Do you get the fame without the awesome perks? From Tom Cruise to J.Lo to Angelina Jolie, the City of Angels is chock full of hidden Tinseltown siblings.

    Angelina Jolie and James Haven

    Same lips, same eyes: Angelina’s infamous kiss with her brother, James, is even more disturbing considering their uncanny resemblance.

    Brad and Doug Pitt

    More like a mid-level manager than the hottest star on the planet, Doug is the Michael Scott version of Brad.

    Cameron and Chimene Diaz

    Married with three kids, Chimene doesn’t live the high life like her sister, but Cameron’s success is definitely a family affair.

    Gisele and Patricia Bundchen

    Gisele’s plain-Jane fraternal twin may not be as stunning as her supermodel sister, but she must be great at numbers. As Gisele’s manager, Patricia supervises her $150 million fortune.

    Jennifer and Lynda Lopez

    She might not be Jenny from the Block, but Emmy-winning journalist Lynda inherited her superstar sister’s beautiful Latina looks and million-dollar booty.

    Kate and Oliver Hudson

    Best known for starring in CBS’ middling comedy, Rules of Engagement, Oliver is lucky to be as cute-as-a-button as his sister, Kate.

    Kiefer and Rachel Sutherland

    Unfortunately for her, Rachel looks like Jack Bauer in drag.

    Lindsay and Ali Lohan

    The Lohan brood should get a gold metal in bad parenting. While one daughter is in and out of rehab, fifteen-year-old Ali stars on a tasteless reality show with her mother, Dina, called, Living Lohan.

    Michelle and Dedee Pfeiffer

    Good genes must flourish in the Pfeiffer family. Dedee is as gorgeous as her sister, Michelle!

    Nicole and Antonia Kidman

    Nicole is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, but sister Antonia is famous in Australia for her talk show and journalism.

    Penelope and Monica Cruz

    What is life like when you’re as gorgeous as Penelope? Her near-identical sister Monica must know. Their wildly successful ad campaign for MANGO sold out their fashion designs in days.

    Renee and Drew Zellweger

    After babysitting her brother’s toddlers for an evening, Renee complained that motherhood is like “slavery” and his kids were “little dictators in a crib.” We’re sure he was thrilled at such golden praise.

    Scarlett and Hunter Johansson

    If Woody Allen ever needs a male, hipster version of Scarlett, twin brother Hunter would be perfect.

    Sienna and Savannah Miller

    These sisters are exceptionally close; they co-design a successful clothing label called Twenty8Twelve.

    Tom and Lee Anne Cruise

    When Tom fired his long-term publicist and replaced her with his sister, Lee Anne, in 2005, he became much more outspoken about Scientology than ever before with Oprah’s “couch jumping incident,” the Brooke Shields controversy, and his infamous Scientology PR video. Hmmm, I guess family will accept you, no matter how crazy you are.

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    Jessica Alba and her brother look like twins. Cute.
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    cameron's sister looks so much like her.
    i'm sorry for kiefer sutherland's sister, she totally looks like him in drag.
    and brad's brother actually looks better than brad now.
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    Oliver Hudson is HOT!

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    Sienna Miller's sister is way cuter than Sienna. Ditto Gisele's sister. Cameron's sister looks cute. I wish there was a better pic of her.
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