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Thread: The sensation that is Kristina 'Tina' Chen

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    Default The sensation that is Kristina 'Tina' Chen

    Now you may ask, who the hell is Tina Chen?

    Well (according to Chen) she's only the next big thing. She is a voice that has been unheard of in the music industry (literally). She brings back dance moves that we thought were buried with the Boy Bands of the 90s.

    IT'S TINA BITCH... (and you will never forget it).

    Perezhilton thrust Tina Chen from obscurity into internet stardom when he posted her youtube videos on his site. Just like the other female starlets who feature on Perez Hilton's blog, Tina Chen is no stranger to controversy... and just like Britney Spears, she rarely wears a bra. Something I assure you, I would rather not know. How do I know this fascinating piece of information? Because quite recently Tina Chen posted a video on her infamous youtube channel while wearing an unbuttoned pajama shirt. Tina Chen, was rather obviously trying to appeal to her male viewers asking "Do I look sexy" as she suggestively pulled at her shirt.

    Previous to the 'chestgate' incident, she made disparaging remarks about Perez Hilton and other homosexuals, saying she 'hated gay people'. After receiving backlash, Tina Chen made a public apology and removed all her videos from youtube. The sensation of Tina Chen was gone... but after less than a month, she made her comeback.

    Chen has covered the Backstreet Boys, Brian Litrell, The High School Musical soundtrack, Britney Spears and now exclusive to her myspace, Tina has released the masterpiece that is 'Misouri' - bound to make any Misouri native proud.

    But there's one problem - a big one, actually. Tina Chen can't sing - but she doesn't know it... but everyone who has ever listened to Tina Chen does. And it's almost a certainty that her (close to) 10,000 Myspace friends know she can't sing either, so why comments like 'Tina, I heard you're going on tour soon?? I NEED TICKETS!'.

    So my question to you, what do you think of Tina Chen?

    And more importantly, is the obvious exploitation, mockery and encouragement of someone who is quite obviously mentally disabled (and quite possibly deluded) dangerous? - Tinaec - Missouri - Pop / Christian / Electro -
    YouTube - tinaecmusic's Channel

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    I've heard her before, and I would never force someone to listen to her sing. Well, except Paris Hilton. That would be some awesome payback for being a racist skank ho.
    Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.

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