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Thread: Misinterpreted Photo of the Day: Britney Spears

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    Default Misinterpreted Photo of the Day: Britney Spears

    Britney: Hey y’all! I got a new cell phone!
    Me: Is that because you couldn’t get reception on your old one?
    Britney: Because huh?
    Me: The reception thing… the reason you didn’t see your kids?
    Britney: My who?
    Me: Nevermind. Are you kissing your phone?
    Britney: Yes. It hurts and I’m kissing it to make it better.
    Me: What did you do to your phone?
    Britney: I pushed a button and it took a picture of me. So I had to run it over.
    Me: That’s ridiculous.
    Britney: It smells like Doritos.
    Me: I imagine most things that you own smell like snack foods.
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    she's going to be covering those ridiculous lips for a few more months. also, Brit, try
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    Hah I like the conversations

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