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Thread: Misinterpreted photo of the day

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    Default Misinterpreted photo of the day

    “Hey, Keanu… in this scene you’re supposed to be playing to be a police officer, not a Nazi”
    “Uhhhh…. But I have a uniform on?”
    “Yes, Keanu. Police men wear uniforms.”
    “And they hate the Jews?”
    “No, Police officers don’t hate Jews.”
    “Buuutt… I’m playing a police officer who hates the Jews?”
    “No, just a police officer”
    “What about black people, do I hate black people?”
    “No, You don’t hate anyone”
    “What about Crocs? Do I hate Crocs?”
    “Of course, Keanu, everyone hates Crocs”
    I’m so sorry guys, I swear to God this is the last Croc joke. It just makes me laugh every single time. I’m done though. No more.
    Misinterpreted Photo of the Day : Top Socialite

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