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Thread: Is Britney Spears buying love with money?

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    Default Is Britney Spears buying love with money?

    Enough To Buy Love

    29/01/2007 8:05:00 AM

    The pop princess is using her millions to make men her slaves.

    by Ryan Porter

    Either Britney Spears has gummi worms for brains or her good Southern heart has hardened into Hollywood diamonds. National Enquirer columnist Mike Walker claims Britney accidentally dropped a huge chunk of change while pulling out her valet parking ticket outside an L.A. restaurant. When the valet brought her vehicle around, she had the good manners to give the fistful of coins to the driver as a tip, providing the valet picked it all up off the parking lot. "I'm sure there's a lot of money over there but I don't have time to pick it up," she said as she sped off. The valet did collect the tip and was rewarded with a whole five bucks.

    Are Britney's feet really that far off the ground? As cold as that story makes her seem, she's reportedly very generous with her fortune--at least when it comes to the men in her life. The 25-year-old millionaire has been regularly splashing out on new boyfriend Isaac Cohen, taking the aspiring model on a V.I.P. Vegas weekend where the couple crashed in a $40,000 suite. A source close to the fledgling couple, who got together a few weeks ago, tells In Touch magazine that Isaac prides himself on his independence, and "has never asked for a single thing and has offered to pay when he's been out with Britney."

    That's good news for Britney, who has a bad track record of playing the sugar momma. After marrying Kevin Federline in 2004, she bought a Malibu property worth over $8 million that came complete with a pool, basketball court and two-storey guest house. She also reportedly bought K-Fed six gray nurse sharks and built a $3.5 recording studio, which might as well have been a ping-pong table for all the good it did the couple. The house has recently gone back on the market for $16 million. With cash like that, you would think she could hire someone to pick up dropped change for her.

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    She should rather spend her money on her kids, not some random "boyfriends"...

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    I heard that Britney is extremely generous with her inner circle. She gives her girlfriends from Louisiana cars for Christmas and stuff like that. She shouldn't do it with people she doesn't know that well, though.

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    Yes, it's nice to be generous to your friends and family, but for heaven's sake, get to know a guy first before you start spending buckets of cash on him. That's a good way to get yourself taken for a ride.

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    $40,000 for a suite? That's just idiotic.
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    This goes to show how low her self esteem is. Makes me feel a tad bit sorry for her. This is why she was so easily led by Parasite too. But, its no ones fault but hers.

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