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Thread: Celebrity X-Ray

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    Default Celebrity X-Ray

    Pretty weird site


    Ok, the boobs and downstairs are certainly interesting (Wtf is with all the cock-eyed nipples in hollywood??) but am I the only one who was utterly confused by the HUGE panties Brittany Murphy was wearing??

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    Not impressed with Brittany Murphy and Jessica Simpsons' saggy mudflaps.

    Eva Mendes looks like she has grapefruits for breasts.

    Why are Pam Anderson's nipples at the top of her breasts?

    Poor Mischa Barton.....

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    Christina Aguilera is on there so many times.

    Wasn't really sure what the Beyonce one was all about. But my best friend just showed me, because hey that's what friends are for.
    I kinda wished she hadn't b/c now I feel so...
    Never trust a big butt and a smile...

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    you already know.


    I can't look right now

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