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Thread: Bizarre Ben Affleck TV

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    Default Bizarre Ben Affleck TV

    Check out this 2004 interview on You Tube . He seems a little drunk.

    He was supposed to be promoting Jersey Girl.

    I wonder if this was before or after the Bennifer breakup

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    That was actually funny! I laughed out loud at some bits.

    On why she wasn't showing as much cleavage": "It's Sunday morning? That never stopped you before from getting your titties out. Who are you trying to fool? Sunday morning. Gimme a break."

    He didn't look drunk to me. He just looked like he knew he could get his way with any women.

    On the drunk aspect. My friends in the movie industry in Montreal say when he was filming 'Sum of All Fears' here in 2001, he left here a major drug and alcohol addict that as soon as he returned to Hollywood, he had to check into rehab (it's cos Montreal doesn't have paparazzi on every corner taking pics of him--that's why I think he went out of control).

    As per that Anne-Marie Losique chick (the interviewer). She interviews celebs on Quebec's version of MTV (a music channel) and in ALL the interviews, that's all she does is giggle--it's actually annoying. One celeb (I THINK it was Samuel Jackson), even retorted back to her, "What's so funny? Why are you always laughing? Did I say something funny"?

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