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Thread: Pictures of Johnny Depp on the set of another goth Tim Burton movie

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    Default Pictures of Johnny Depp on the set of another goth Tim Burton movie

    If you need to know "What IT is?" before answering my question then we can't sit at the same table anymore, because I only associate myself with shameless whore sluts who sit on the face and ask questions later. But since you really need to know, here's Johnny Depp in complete Barnabas Collins drag on the set of the new Tim Burton's Dark Shadows that is only being made so they can make millions upon millions of dollars off of Goth teens by selling t-shirts and plastic lunchboxes of this mess at Hot Topic. NO! They're really making this, because Tim Burton owns majority stock in the company that produces that white cream make-up shit that he slathers on Johnny Depp's face in every one of his movies. Duh.
    And yes, Johnny looks like Madge as Michael Jackson, but I still would. It's not like Johnny's peen is covered in vampire cream and decorated with Liza Minnelli sideburns made from black construction paper. Actually, it probably is since Johnny is really fucking method.
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    He looks like (a skinny) Boy George to me

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    I'd still hit that.
    Pale and creepy vampires are sexy..while the teensy,emo and sparkly ones are barf.

    I love Johnny Depp. I have never seen the original series, but I'm quite excited to see another Burton & Depp collab.
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    And yes, Johnny looks like Madge as Michael Jackson
    And how. Ugh, anything that reminds me of MJ kills any and all sexy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurent View Post
    And how. Ugh, anything that reminds me of MJ kills any and all sexy.
    Me too me too... I will probably not even watch it because of how much he looks like that creepy pedo MJ in that getup.
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    Barnabas needs to ooze sex appeal. Even the creepy Jonathan Frid managed that. I LOVE LOVE Johnny, but this isn't the look I was hoping for.

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    Big, BIG disappointment. I don't remember the original series but I used to have a shitload of the Dark Shadows books and I had high hopes for Johnny Depp playing Barnabas. Now I'm not going to bother with it at all.
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