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Thread: Who washes Eric Clapton's clothes?

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    Default Who washes Eric Clapton's clothes?

    He does!???

    I saw the video but now it says it's gone.
    I Got You Babe was playing in the background. It's more perfection than I can handle.

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    OMG I saw this too Chalet and was like WTF?????

    Where the hell is Patti Boyd when you need her?



    No seriously, where the hell are his 'people' though? Doesn't he have some? Or like, a HOUSE? With a washer/dryer installed? I got nothing here...

    I'll do your laundry honey!

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    highway jammed with broken heroes


    eat a hot bowl of dicks.

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    Maybe he likes to do his own laundry every now and then. And this time he was on the road playing arenas?

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    WOW! Can you just imagine walking into a laundromat on some crowded Sunday afternoon with all your nasties and such n' find yourself standing next to one of the most legendary musicians of all time washing all his nasties?? Betcha he's probably been doing this for years without anyone noticing, cos let's get real here....who the hell would expect to encounter someone with his level of fame to pop into a laundry and do his own washing, right? NOBODY! And because of that, he most likely never gets bothered by anyone cause noone in their right mind would believe it was really him, and if they did they'd be in such a state of shock ( me included ) they'd give him his space to do whatever it is he was doing without any hassles. Oh I'm sure he'd get an occasional fan coming up to him, but I imagine that happens quite rarely. Same thing with Paul Mccartney some time back....he was driving cross country alone with his girlfriend, no bodyguards no nothing and despite one or two folks recognising him he was able to travel around freely without anyone mobbing him or giving him reason to worry for his safety. It's a weird psychology I guess...when you become that incredibly famous it provides you with some level of personal freedom when you take yourself out of the "superstar" environment and go places where you'd never imagine they would go, like a local laundry f'rinstance.

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    aw. they should leave him alone.

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    What? He's human and wears clothes that get dirty and, like, need to get washed, like?

    Mind blowingggggggg.

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    the hotel he's at has no laundry?

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