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    I just wanted to ask has anyone here become friends with a celebrity?

    What I don't get is, I know people always say there is no way of meeting a celebrity and becoming friends. But we often hear in magazines where celebrities even date non-famous people. Why is it that people always say there is no chance of even becoming friends with a celebrity. I mean, don't celebrities have any non-famous friends? Are all the people they meet and socialise with celebrities? Or are all non-famous friends they have, people they have known before they were famous? Coz if they do meet non-famous people why couldn't it be you or any of us? That non-famous guy/girl that celebrity is dating, how did he/she get to meet her/him?

    I'm not a psycho, and I'm not into getting autographs or anything like. But just as you may see a person you like that you would like to become friends with, is it so unlikely that one couldn't even have a friendly conversation.

    I mean cause if all the friends they have are celebs, then we would see paparazzi always taking pictures of multiple celebs at the same time. Okay apart from family and friends that they have met from before they were famous. Is every single person they hang out with a celeb? That would mean that every celebrity marries another celebrity, or they probably already friends with the person they are gonna marry? So they don't ever meet non-famous new people?



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    I would say for most celebs, a majority of their friend pool is other celebs or people connected in the business. They also probably have "regular" friends too and met them like the rest of us. I would think a major reason for any caution on befriending someone new is that skepticism that they want something from you. As with any big change involving money, fame, status, you find out who your true friends are...Also most of us regulars can't afford to hang out at places where celebs frequent.

    As we are seeing now, many of these recent "celebs" were once just friends of other celebs...I'm looking at you Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie!
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    What I don't get is people who cut and paste the same post onto more than one board. What's that about?
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    Stalk them, dude.
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