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Thread: Celebrity Hair Ruts

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    Default Celebrity Hair Ruts

    When it comes to these celebs, it seems change isn't as good as a holiday: just check out their hair ruts!

    Heather Locklear.

    This pic, taken in 1977, shows young Heather's 'do: side-swept fringe, flicks, body, and plenty of movement ... Fast forward over thirty years and Heather's still got the same hairstyle ...

    Anna Wintour.

    It's 1996, and US Vogue magazine's editor may know a thing or 10 about fashion ... ... but fast forward in time, and she still only knows one thing about her hair: that bob's not going anywhere!

    Elizabeth Hurley.

    For the premiere of Austin Powers back in 1997, Liz's look was all about a side fringe, and lots of body (teamed with a little white frock). And now, Liz's look is all about wait for it a side fringe, and lots of body (and again, teamed with a little white frock).

    Goldie Hawn.

    Goldie loves her long locks and split fringe, as seen here at the premiere of her flick The First Wives Club in the mid '90s. And what do you know?! Goldie still loves her long locks and fringe!

    Christie Brinkley

    When Billy Joel was Christie's main man in 1983, her hair was all about the typical California-girl look: blonde, long and flowing. Billy Joel's out of the picture (and so are ex-husbands Richard and Peter), but her hairstyle has remained a constant companion ...

    Angelina Jolie.

    Pre-Brad Pitt and lots of kiddies, Ange's hair was reminiscent of the girl next door while holidaying in the late 1980s. and again in 2010. Her family may be ever-evolving, but her hairstyle is not. Ange's glossy brunette locks remain spectacular while at the premiere of new movie Salt.

    Jennifer Aniston.

    Jennifer Aniston made the "Rachel 'do" world famous. Here she is back in 1999, with long golden locks. She may have played with curls or bigger layers in the past, but has reverted back to the tried and trusted hairstyle in 2010.

    Kate Hudson.

    Like mum Goldie, Kate Hudson finds a hairstyle she likes and sticks with it. Long, golden and with a centre part. Here's Kate, 9 years later, still with the same 'do.

    Celebrity hair ruts
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    i love anna wintour's bob. it's her signature. it's a very distinctive cut, and it's timeless. i don't think she should change it.

    the rest, however, need new styles.
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    Gwen Stefani was the first ugly head of hair I thought of. Bleach blonde is not aging with her and she can't let it go.
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    I have no problem with people keeping the same style for years if it's what suits them best. Because I do the same thing.

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    Me too. I call it a variation on a theme. It's good to experiment through your teens and 20's and hopefully you'll find your style without heading into a real timewarp area.

    Made me think of Olivia Newton John and Farrah when they chopped there hair off. Never seemed quite right.

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    Most of all look as if they're wearing wigs/extensions in the more recent pictures.

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    Goldie Hawn is the worst. She seriously needs a new hairstyle.
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    if it works for you its ok I suppose and they have changed it up a little. If it was awful hair id be agreeing but these ladies all look ok.

    anna Wintour looks fantastic! I was shocked by the older pic, she looked rather fierce back then (still does)

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    I wish Aniston would change it up. I loved it when she cut it off during that one year in Friends. It was very cute.
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    I like Heather and Christie's hair. The rest could use an update. Goldie Hawn most of all.
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    i can totally understand some of these, b/c if it works; don't fix it.
    but Anna Wintour honey child, that shit ain't workin for NOBODY! least of all you and you need to gain about 20lbs to boot!

    like seriously, whoever does Anna's hair needs to give her an intervention stat.

    i knew a hairdresser who knew Heather Locklear's hairdresser and the poor woman has barely any hair growing left due to excessive yet sexy-hot bleaching action all these years. I loved her hair on the first Melrose Place where it looked like dead straw w/ black roots she was my bitch idol

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    I'm surprised Britney isn't mentioned. She is in an all-time hair rut!

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