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Thread: Matt Damon's PSA Gone Wrong

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    Default Matt Damon's PSA Gone Wrong

    [youtube][/youtube]Matt Damon and Jessica Alba have greatly offered their supports to raise people's awareness of how important an education is by joining Queen Rania of Jordan's Public Service announcement in a Funny or Die video. However, things have gone wrong when Matt became uncontrollable.

    In more-than-one minute footage, Matt is seen starting doing things he shouldn't do for the PSA, which was made to call on world leaders to make education for the 72 million children out of school the lasting legacy of this World Cup. As his co-star Jessica looks bothered with his gesture after he yells, "Including clean drinking water!!", the actor blames it on a substance he has taken.

    Beside Matt and Jessica, John Legend and Shakira have also appeared on the Funny or Die video. While Matt fails to keep relax, John repeatedly asks for a piano, reasoning he isn't supposed to say it but sing it. Still not getting the piano he requested, John decides to sing without any instrument accompanying him. Unlike Matt and John, Shakira, who sings 2010 World Cup theme song "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)", sticks to the PSA's purpose.

    In the end of the video, Queen Rania, Matt Damon, Jessica Alba, John Legend and Shakira all urge fans to sign up at and make donation to the cause.
    Matt Damon and Jessica Alba's 1Goal PSA Gone Wrong in Funny or Die Video

    1 GOAL PSA

    [youtube][/youtube]Bono, Jessica Alba, former Ghana captain Anthony Baffoe, France World Cup winner Christian Karembeu and Ghana international Yaw Preko, visit a school in Ghana in support of 1GOAL: Education for All. They explain the transformative power of education to change lives and end extreme poverty.

    Bono and Jessica Alba visit a school in Ghana | What Celebrities Are Doing
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    There was nothing 'gone wrong' there. He was just being Matt Damon and having fun
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    Matt Damon 'angry' is always funny. He was hysterical when he was on Entourage.

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