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Thread: Rantafesto - Celebrities on talk shows

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    Default Rantafesto - Celebrities on talk shows

    I just took a look to see who was on Letterman tonight. Kate Hudson, blah. That means she has to be promoting a movie. Not two seconds after sitting down she starts talking about her kid. Cute and funny stories about how he's so cute and funny. Dave liked it which is fine with me because I bet his son is cute and funny for real.

    Then I realized that this keeps happening. I saw Gwyneth on Ellen a few weeks ago. Her ass hits the chair and it's my kids blah blah. She was supposed to be promoting Iron Man 2. Same exact thing with SJP on Letterman. Ass hits the chair and she tells how her son likes his new sisters. This is not interesting. For some reason now more than ever, she strikes me as a fool.

    This leaves five seconds to promote their films and discuss the work. Did talking about one's kids on television begin with Kathie Lee Gifford? Actors can be amusing and charming without discussing the trauma of the first day of school's new outfit. Promote your films, sign autographs when on film junkets and just say your family is fine. I never made it all the way to the film promotions. In 25 years of Mel Gibson (pardon me), I have never heard one single thing about his 85 children. Same with Clint Eastwood who has many an offspring. They stick to the work. Those three women just shoot off their mouths about everything.

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    Don't blame the females, most of the guys do it as well. When they start ranting over their kids, I turn the channel.

    As for Mel Gibson, yes he has talked about his family. Years ago on Oprah. That is when I found out he had 6 children, and he and his wife had been married 20+ years.

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    I agree Chalet. Who cares about their kids. I find people (mostly women) in general constantly blather on about their kids and absolutely no one gives a shit.

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    you already know.


    god Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith were so fucking fake as fuck on Oprah a few weeks ago. i cant stand those two!

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