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Thread: So... famous people... weird or what?

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    Default So... famous people... weird or what?

    It has long been my theory - and feel free to disagree - that famous people are, by their nature truly f-d up. See we all want to be adored by a crowd of people but how many of us are prepared to put in the hours of practice and effort that is required to actually reach such heights?

    My theory is that famous people (and those trying to be) have a hole in their soul only universal adoration can fill. It's no wonder they end up on drugs...and sometimes dead.

    I think the idea of a truly sane famous person is impossible because of their desires and the reality of their crazy lives.

    And yet we see these people as idols! It is kinda weird.

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    So are non-famous people, its just their shit doesn't get hashed on on blogs daily.
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    Disagree. People are people. I don't idolize.
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    All famous people aren't fame whores or live crazy lives. Like Twitchy said, "People are people"
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    The only people I idolize are my parents. I should be shot if I idolized a celebrity.
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    I agree msdeb, if you're going to idolize someone it should be someone who has truly made a difference in your life. Parents, doctors, rescuers, etc. A lot of celebs now seem crazier because it's so much more acceptable now to have no talent whatsoever and still be rewarded with fame. The Kardashians, reality stars, Parisite, etc. are rewarded for their skanky, crazy stunts. And since they don't have real talent they keep pulling crazy, stupid stunts for attention...and the cycle continues.

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    Some famous people have a sense of entitlement and surround themselves with people who kiss their ass 24/7, so that's got to be where some of the weirdness comes from. Not to mention there is a difference between wanting to be famous and wanting to be an actor. Someone who wants to be famous (imo) is more prone to want to be adored, be the center of attention and possibly more apt to delve into the drug induced lifestyle that runs rampant in Hollywood.
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    Famous people are no more fucked up than the average person. The only difference is that famous people have the money and fame to amplify and enable their flaws to become more public. And in the age of YouTube and reality shows just about any nutjob can become famous without having any real talent.

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