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Thread: Run for your lives!!11!: When Twihards attack

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    Talking Run for your lives!!11!: When Twihards attack

    So the new Twilight opens at midnight tonight. You know we are in for weeks of epic fuckery and lulz starting tonight so bring it on!! Come in here and point fingers and laugh.

    (hey twihards, feel free to start a thread called "Robert Pattinson sharts butterflies and rainbows")

    Why, exactly, are they called twiHARDS? Is it because they are "Die"hard fans? Well then DIE Twilight DIE. HARD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasha View Post
    Why, exactly, are they call twiHARDS?
    twihards --> t'ards --> tards
    "Creepy, like when Tom Cruise laughs." - Bloodhound Gang

    "What the fucking hell are you, you great gangly fuck-knuckled twat, greasy haired cunt-bag. Fuck you.." - Richard Hammond

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    ^^More than apt. (gah! you caught my typo. )

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