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Thread: Amber Le Bon shows she's inherited her mother Yasmin's fabulous legs

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    Default Amber Le Bon shows she's inherited her mother Yasmin's fabulous legs

    Like mother, like daughter: Amber Le Bon shows she's inherited her mother Yasmin's fabulous legs

    By Daily Mail Reporter
    Last updated at 3:01 PM on 29th April 2009
    When your mother is model Yasmin Le Bon and your father is handsome pop star Simon Le Bon, it's hardly surprising that you will grow up to be quite the beauty.
    And this could be seen in Amber's latest modelling shoot where her stunning long legs - clearly inherited from her mother - were on display.

    The 19-year-old showed off nearly all of her slender pins when posing with a derriere-skimming Moschino satin dress.


    Amber Le Bon (left) shows off her stunning legs, which she has clearly inherited from her model mother Yasmin, in a Moschino dress

    Already standing tall at 5ft 10in - an inch taller than her famous mother - Amber gave herself added height in tottering gold high heels by Diego Dolcini.

    After graduating from Heathfield St Mary's School last year with A'levels in music, history of art and photography, the pretty brunette is now carving out a career as model.
    Amber has signed to Models 1 - the same agency who has represented her mother for 18 years.

    Could be sisters... Amber and Yasmin at the launch of the new Michael Kors store in New Bond Street on Monday

    Enlarge Starting early: Yasmin leads 20-month-old Amber down the catwalk at a Chanel show in 1991

    While she has added height to her mother, both women share the same hip and cup size
    Her modelling portfolio says Amber has a 32-25-37 figure, while mum Yasmin has 34-26-37.
    Despite having only recent signed with Models 1, Amber is making quite a name for herself in the fashion industry already.
    She has appeared in advertisements for High Street chain River Island and is the face of luxury lingerie range Myla.
    Amber first experienced the modelling industry at an early age after Yasmin brought the then-20-month-old toddler on to the catwalk at a Chanel show.

    Amber is the eldest daughter born to Yasmin and her Duran Duran star husband of 23 years.
    She has two sisters Saffron Sahara, 17, and Tullalah Pine, 14.

    Amber is currently considering whether or not she'll become a model full-time or go the university.
    She said: 'I don't feel like I have to justify myself. I'm comfortable with who my parents are and what they've done.
    'I just want to do what I want to do. If it's the same way as my parents, I really don't mind any comparisons.
    'Thanks to Mum and Dad, I was involved in fashion since I was a child. So yeah, I think they have had an influence on me.'

    Like mother, like daughter: Amber Le Bon shows she's inherited her mother Yasmin's fabulous legs | Mail Online

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    IDK who these people are, but they do both have nice legs
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    She's grown up to be a very pretty girl.

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    i used to have the major hots for Simon.
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    The first pic in the gold high heels and flouncy skirt is a stunning photo. Kudos to whoever took the picture.

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    I see legs as such an underrated part of female anatomy nowadays and I think it's a shame. I also tend to notice the shape more than the length as the major feature, and I don't see neither of those pairs as shapely at all. They're just long and seemingly cellulite free, so I see no big deal in them.

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    Her mother is prettier than her.

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    I really wish these people would go into something like medicine or something. It is almost predictable what kind of careers they are going to have. Kinda of sad really. Where do you go from there?

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