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Thread: Susan Boyle: eyebrows plucked?

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    Default Susan Boyle: eyebrows plucked?

    Susan Boyle: Big Plucking Deal

    Los Angeles (E! Online) Has she had her eyebrows done or not?
    That's the big Susan Boyle question of the day. In paparazzi pics from photo agency Pacific Coast News taken earlier today, the world's most famous singing YouTube sensation's eyebrows appear to be shapely and thinner than they did just yesterday.
    Did she pluck or tweeze?
    A rep for Britain's Got Talent says Ms. Boyle bushy brow has not fallen into the hands of some fancy schmancy cosmetologist.
    Maybe the photos were altered a wee bit? "We haven't done anything to these pictures," a rep for Pacific Coast said. "They're as they came in."
    There's also the big Oprah question. Boyle's done the Today show, Good Morning America, The Early Show and Larry King Live. You'd think a Winfrey appearance would have happened by now.
    Reports shot up again today that Boyle would be on Oprah's show on Friday.
    Nope, that's not happening either.
    Says the BGT rep, "No truth to that at all."
    Meanwhile, the lyricist behind "I Dreamed a Dream" has compared Boyle to Edith Piaf. "Piaf was a small woman who looked like nothing, and then she opened her mouth and this beautiful sound came out. Even the most cynical people I know have been moved," songwriter Alain Boubil told London's Telegraph newspaper.
    Boubil said he'd like Boyle to record another Les Miserables song, "If I Said I Love You," as a duet with Paul Potts on her first album.

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    Good for her. She's so damn adorable. Definitely a hard person to dislike.
    Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.

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    They are not -um-perfect. I think she did it by herself! She is so darling!
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    at least the big distraction is out of the way.
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    She would've been booked on Oprah had she been black

    My issue with this celebrity...
    Warren Beatty: actor, director, writer, producer.

    ***** celeb

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