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Thread: Serena Williams, Naked for ESPN Magazine, October 2009

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    shes one of the top bikini models out there.

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    She looks ok so why be so cruel?! She is quite manly looking sometimes but there's a sexiness to her and I bet some men love the idea of being dominated by her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cmmdee View Post
    Beautiful skin
    Her skin looks NOTHING like that in reality, it's all mottled.
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    Um.. Nope, not a fan of that photo.

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    I actually think it's a beautiful picture of her. That said, I'm amazed at all the OMG Serena's a goddess!!!! comments over at Huffington Post and how they accuse any dissenters of being jealous or racist. I think Serena has a unique look and I appreciate that her body is a tool and she works it so well to excel in her field. She isn't my idea of an ideal beauty but she may be to some. yet almost everyone at HuffPo is giving a different response than here.

    IMO, lots of times she is super muscular yet blubbery at the same time which I think is an odd combination and her tits are too floppy to appeal to me, but whatever.
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