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Thread: Ryan Reynolds, Menís Health, March 2009

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    I think he's gorgeous. I went through a big phase when I found him really hot. He'd still get it.
    Ain't nothing wrong with Ohio wang! - MontanaMama

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    Ugh he's soooo incredibly hot but him being Mr. Scarlett Hohansson now just absolutely KILLS it for me!

    I remember him all scrawny from 'TGAGAAPP.'

    I absolutely adore him in 'Just Friends.'

    That movie never gets old for me...I laugh every time. Every time.

    The brain doesn't need blood. It just needs to be kept wet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chilly Willy View Post
    Why is he wearing clothes?
    Uh, yeah, exactly - what's with the whole 'wearing a shirt' thing??
    He's fine and funny, total package

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