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Thread: Rumer Willis Prestige Magazine January 2011

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    great body.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SVZ View Post
    i don't care how many magazines he does, i'm still not gonna watch the late show.

    Wtf? Hollywood's next wave? Yeah fuckin' right. I feel bad for her, as far as we know she's lovely but she doesn't have the looks or the talent to make it in this industry in any way, shape, or form except maybe behind the camera... far far behind.

    Jaw shaving is very popular in Korea and Japan. If it's minor I don't think it would be too bad, but if it's major YIKES. Rumer's surgery would definitely fall into the major category! I believe if it's minor they can shave it down but if it's a big surgery they break the jaw and take whole bits of bone out then put it back together, something horrific like that. They burr down the bone in rhinoplasty, so why would it hurt more if they do it on your chin or lower jaw? Breaking your jaw in multiple places and removing bone is definitely the stuff of nightmares though!!!
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    ^ Yeah, she must have seen how long it took for her mother to recover from all her ps.

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    She looks like an eggplant.

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    She's painful to look at...because her mother is beautiful, her dad is Bruce Willis and she has such pretty features...but the massive chin ruins everything.

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