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i loved that album because it came out when i was 12 or 13 and the lyrics made me laugh and it just appealed to my juvenile sense of humour. and it was pretty catchy.
but it's one of those 90s albums/bands that i loved back then but don't listen to anymore. kinda like pearl jam. i was soooooo into them their first 2-3 albums and then i just got bored and pretty much never listened to them again. but it's not that i think they're bad, i just kind of outgrew the style.
i was six years old at the time. i didn't understand one iota of those lyrics. i could only speak and understand flemish and french at that age. i learned english by watching the bbc, movies without subtitles, cartoon network, etc. when i was a little older. 8 or 9, i think.

pearl jam is marginally better.