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Thread: Plus-size models in V Magazine’s “Size Issue”

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    I think a lot of women are saying: "Finally, pictures of REAL women." But they're not real women. They're just as fake as smaller models. Their images are also being manipulated by a man in front of a computer for profit.

    (Not to get into the whole "only large women are real women" argument.)

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    if i want to see 'real' women, they're all over the place. all i have to do is walk in the street. models are supposed to be way better looking than the average woman. that's their job description: look pretty and pose wearing nice clothes most women can't afford. you're then supposed to take that idealised image with a grain of salt, adopt the fashion trends you like and that suit your 'real woman' physique, and not take the whole thing too seriously.
    yes, the fakeness and skinniness have gone too far - the teeth are too white, the skin so smooth and poreless it looks like plastic and the airbrushing has reached ridiculous proportions - but that doesn't mean i want to buy a fashion magazine and see rolls of fat and bumpy skin and cellulite.
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    ^ Again, agreed because these women are a representation. Why must people take everything so literally and compare themselves so closely with magazine pictures? I think the dark haired model in the black jeans is gorgeous.

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