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Thread: Mila Kunis, Nylon, December 2010/January 2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by Straight View Post
    she's pretty ut i see more beautiful girls on the street everyday. she's being groomed as the new jolie, thus all the fuss.
    I'll say it: bullshit. She's never been groomed as the next "jolie". Vast differences: Mila eats, Mila has talent, Mila comes from a family who values intelligence, Mila has no public (nor private that have been revealed) drug addictions, Mila has no need to pretend to be a saint, Mila is fairly normal, Mila isn't a baby collector, Mila seems to have class, morals, values... etc
    Quote Originally Posted by Straight View Post
    the face, the hair, the pout. give her a couple years, she'll e a bonerack. look at the young jolie, she was soft and rounder too.
    No, she won't. She's been acting for at least 15 years. If she were going to be a bonerack, she'd be one. If you go to the Weight section, theres an article about how she recently lost 20 pounds for the Black Swan and how happy she was to put the weight back on. Shes no Jolie, Mila will be fine.
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    if i could look like anyone in hollywood, it would be her. i think she's so freaking beautiful.

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    She's still my pick for the most beautiful girl in Hollywood.
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    If anyone's been billed as the next Jolie, it's Megan Fox and the only similarities I see between them are dark hair/light eyes and some ink.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trixie View Post
    Look on the bright side. This is who she comes home to. So there's hope for you yet!!

    I'm sure he must still have millions from his days when he was a mega kid star locked away somewhere to make him still a guy in demand, but thanks for the encouraging words.
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