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Thread: Michael Jackson, Time Magazine special commemorative issue, July 2009

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    ^Me too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Laurent
    I think that picture is from his "In the Closet" video. I watched it the other night - forgotten how awkward and laughable it was to think he was sexing up on Naomi Campbell.
    Yeah when I first saw that video I was thinking 'Is he going to start making out with her?' because I couldn't imagine it. He doesn't, but it's still so weird. I don't see him as sexy. But there was something nice and intriguing about his appearance (before he became grotesque) He had a great smile too. He was gorgeous when he was still black. 'Rock with you', 'Off the wall' days. *sigh*

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    Quote Originally Posted by heart_leigh View Post
    I think that's one of the better pics of him considering how he looked in his later years.
    Agreed. Nice pic.

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