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Thread: Meghan Markle - Cover of TATLER - May 2018 Issue

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    ^ That's why she's going to be hounded by the press. I don't think he will be because he can (and does) fly under the radar. But her every move will be scrutinised and trivialised. And she can't even look the part unless she's on the cover of a magazine!
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    Quote Originally Posted by A*O View Post
    Unwise because it's likely to end in tears for everyone involved. I know marriage is always a gamble but this one is already under relentless and intrusive scrutiny. Maybe a TV starlet can handle it better than most but it's still enormous pressure such a high profile, high stakes marriage.
    that's not really a reason? will this be the case for anyone harry marries or just markle? you seem so gloom and doom about the whole thing but the relentless scrutiny will happen regardless of who he marries.

    Quote Originally Posted by CornFlakegrl View Post
    I don't think Harry will live under the same scrutiny as his mother. Yes he's famous and hordes show up to snap a pic but he's too far down the line now for the stodgy types to get too worked up about what he does. He's just fodder for the public. As long as she can hang with the fame (bet she can) and comply with tradition just enough, they should be fine. Or at least, implode on their own like the good lord intended.

    I also don't think she will have one bit of influence on the RF. She is nobody. She's marrying a Prince where much is not expected. She has zero influence.
    if anything, harry has it easier. he's the spare, so not much is expected of him in terms of duty, and people like him because he's not traditional and responsible like his brother. and he's marrying the perfect climber who got into acting so she could marry up and loves the attention. and even if the marriage does end in divorce, it doesn't matter even half as much as if will and kate split since, again, he's not the heir. also, all of the queen's children except for andrew are divorced and/or remarried so it's not like that's such a huge deal anymore either.
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    Is this even a new shot or just a photo from the archives they've refreshed for the issue?
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