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you kidding me??!!! look, I have no doubt that Liv is a lovely person, but truly--- who can't see that she always looks special?? I'd say 100% brain-dead if I were mean, but since I'm not, special will do. It would take a truly talented photog to camouflage her specialness, and this one obviously isn't it-- I mean, she is practically drooling, people!
You know...

I HAVE to AGREE with this. I have always thought she had a 'special' look to her - I just thought I was the only one that saw it.

There is also something odd with her mouth (not just in this pic, which is REALLY HORRID, by the way) like she's had Bells Palsy or like her lips are too heavy for her to hold up, and her voice, GAHHH, don't get me started on that wispy 5 year old voice.

She's in a commercial they started to air up here and everytime I see it, I have to turn because she looks like she's sooooo slow/ditzy