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Thread: Kelly Clarkson - Elle - July 2007

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    she looks like a treasure troll. this reminds me of ugly betty.

    i think kelly is a cute girl and they should put her in as is. there is nothing wrong with being a little heavier. kelly is by no means obese. i think she has a nice figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnik View Post
    can't stand her ugly ass. and her music is shit.
    Aw, how come? Have you heard something about her? Or is it just a feeling? I only ask cuz I really dig Kelly (haven't heard much of her music, though). She's always seemed real to me, know what I mean?

    Regarding the photoshopped pix: UGH!!!! I HATE THAT!! And I'll even wager that is was the mag's choice, not Clarkson's.

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    I think her music is the best out of all the AI participants/winners who have done anything. Jennifer Hudson is great but she hasn't done an album. I think JH probably has a Broadway career ahead of her if she would go that route.

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    I hate her music.

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    Why even have these celebrities pose for pictures? Just create the perfet version in PShop.

    That last pic seems to be saying,"kd lang, I am coming for your crown!"

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