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Thread: Kate Beckinsale - Before Hollywood

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    Her nose looks more pig-like in these photos. Almost like Posh's pig nose. It looks VERY different to me.

    I think she has had work done, but I can't pin point it all (other than a possible nose job).

    ETA: After looking at it some more, the teeth look like they have changed, her eyebrows were plucked, her cheekbones seem more noticeable now (loss of weight?), the freckles are now gone......

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    I think she looked adorable - so NOT Hollywood!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadDwarf View Post
    her cheekbones seem more noticeable, the freckles are now gone......

    The injectable filler Radiesse enhances cheekbones.

    A series of 30% TCA chemical peels will rid the face of freckles, sun damage, pre-cancerous moles and fine lines.
    "the place you live in is that much more drab and empty that they're gone"

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    Yeah her freckles are completely gone.

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    Wtf !?! Did she have a sex change, too ?!!?
    "The most important question in all of human kind is..... would you hit it or not?" ~potato_chips

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    Yes, Kates dad Richard Beckinsale was famous in
    the UK and a top actor in comedy sitcoms.
    He was a handsome devil and set a million
    teenage hearts aflutter.
    Kates mum , Judy Loe was a top TV actress (or rather IS a top TV actress )
    she has done straight plays and comedy sitcoms and
    she was (IS ) quite a looker too.
    Coming from two such, stunningly attractive parents, its
    no wonder that Kate is a looker too.
    Sadly Richard died suddenly when still very young,
    I think Kate was so young at the time, she hardly remembers him.
    It must be so nostalgic for Kate to see her dad on tv in
    the many sitcoms he made, he really was at the top of
    his profession and would have gone on to lots more success.

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