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Thread: Justin Timberlake-GQ-March 2009

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    He was such a cute teen, and so hot in his late teens to early 20's. But in these pictures he is so geeky. *bleck*

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    I was over him before he was born.

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    Same. Never felt his vibe.

    I do like a couple of his recent songs to dance to.

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    Ugh, although I do enjoy his music I don't care much for him...and this even goes back to his seemingly forgotten N*Sync days.

    I think it's funny how he's all successful and hot shit nowadays but yet his former band mates are doing runs on 'Dancing with the Stars', guest voices on cartoon shows (Fairly Odd Parents), being TV Guide correspondent, etc...

    And yet when any of those other guys are mentioned it's always "Former N*Sync member Joey Fatone..." if they are mentioned N*Sync is normally mentioned along with them and basically they are branded with that boyband label forever and sneaky, sneaky Justin has managed to somehow break away from that and it's as if all is forgotten and forgiven with Justin's boyband past...

    Well...I won't ever let him forget.

    RAWR! I'm fierce!

    Holy eyebrows!

    Gee, gotsta love tha fro!

    Bonus WTF pic:

    I'm 22...grew up with these guys. Girls my age will know what I'm talking about...we generally created the first real 'tween'/'teenybopper' movement by our obsession with N*Sync.

    I kid you not I had every album, every scrapbook, every magazine they were in, collectible cards, jewelry, videos (oddly enough never attended an actual concert...) you name it...I had it!

    I am even slightly embarrassed to admit that I still have the stupid marionette dolls (as featured in the second pic) of them!!!

    And of course while ALL of the girls went nuts over Justin I was in love with Lance...and of course he ends up being the gay one!

    I seriously wonder if the other N*Sync guys just hate him sometimes, wish death upon him, failure, bad karma, etc due to all of his commercial success and breaking away from the boy band image.

    They all had to have known it would happen eventually.

    He was basically sold out from day one when the group formed.

    Justin WAS N*Sync...without him there would have been NO N*Sync.

    Sucks for the rest of them...all of them were once household names and now they are either dancing with other z-listers or interviewing them...

    The brain doesn't need blood. It just needs to be kept wet.

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    wimpy, wimpy, wimpy!

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