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Thread: The Jonas Brothers, Seventeen Magazine, June 2009

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    Quote Originally Posted by Honey View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Icepik View Post
    How old are these boys?
    From left to right:

    Nick- Sept 16th, 1992 (16), Joe- August 15th, 1989 (19) and Kevin-November 5th, 1987 (21)

    I feel kind of bad for the oldest one...he's not ugly but not as good looking as the other two (the poofy hair definitely does not help!) it must suck knowing that your two younger brothers are the ones girls all go ga ga over.

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    I honestly think they are three of the ugliest brothers I have ever seen. I really don't see their appeal - as teenage heart throbs or singers, for that matter. I saw them on SNL a few weeks ago and thought they were HORRIBLE.

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    I don't think the one in the middle is their real brother. The two on the left and right are.
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    They are just as ugly as the Hanson brothers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheONe View Post
    After watching them on Saturday Night Live a few months ago...I have to admit that I have respect for these guys! They aren't afraid to make fun of themselves!
    They were on SNL with Alec Baldwin. It was pretty funny. They don't really bother me. The one in the middle got smart and straightened his hair. He's kind of cute. (Okay I am probably 20 years older than him.)
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    Brunette Hansons

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    But, honestly, I think Hanson were far more talented. I could stand their songs, the Jonas brothers I can't.

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