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Thread: Jennifer Aniston - Interview

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    Is it something like an inside joke that the cover photo has to always be the worst of the whole shooting? I can't explain it any other way. That can't be a coincidence.
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    I think she looks fabulous. Then again, I'm a Jentard. I think she's secure enough in her skin, especially for someone who's 51 in Hollywood (hell, in LA for that matter). More power to her. These are photos for a magazine, I don't think she dresses like this in her normal life, so I don't think she's trying to fool anyone.
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    The cover photo is so atrocious it ruins all subsequent photos (which arenít nearly as bad, and some are quite good).

    Let this be a cautionary tale. Consider your thigh placement, ladies. Position yourselves accordingly.
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    She has less forehead lines than me (I know it's airbrushed, but still).

    That's the skirt Dakota Johnson is wearing in the other thread, isn't it? I want it!
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    I find these extremely cringe-worthy, except for the b/w close-up.
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