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Thread: Jeff Bridges - GQ magazine - March 2010

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chalet View Post
    Don't be superstitious! Honestly, I haven't been this excited since Cher won for Moonstruck. She's my usual avatar. I mean really excited, not just want the right person to win. Before Cher, it was yes, I admit it, Rocky for Best Picture.
    I wanted Rocky to win so bad I was nearly hysterical. I saw the damn movie five times at the movies on my OWN DIME... Are you me?

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    Only five times? Whatta wimp. I was insane over it too. PLUS - and this is for real - my mother's name is Adrianne. Imagine what I did with that back then. I cheered for Rocky but I cried like a baby when Cher won. Not as many tears as the S&C reunion on Letterman. For this award, JB will get another standing ovation - I feel it.

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    Love Jeff!!!!!

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    I love the cactus picture, he looks like a fun sweet guy. I wanna go on a road trip with him...
    "Well isn't that special"

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