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Thread: Jared Leto - GQ Style Italy Fall/Winter 2008

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    I really like those pictures. the man is looking good.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetie View Post
    God, I love a man with a beard. He needs to buff up, though. He's way to scrawny.
    totally, i also love men with beards. although they do have to suit them and be nice (full) beards. for example i don't like johnny depp or keanu's full beards, they just look so patchy and like glued on pubic hair.

    i also agree on the buffing up. a little more weight wouldn't hurt him.

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    They are hot pictures, I really like the shoot. But he looks too much like my brother and hey, I'm no brotherfucker.

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    i never did get his appeal. and god knows i like skinny, scruffy guys but he does nothing for me.
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