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Thread: Jamie Lee Curtis - More Canada May 2010

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    Quote Originally Posted by BITTER View Post
    Just like Carrie Fisher doesn't resemble Debbie Reynolds or Eddie Fisher. Strange.
    Hmm, you may have something there ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollo View Post
    Hmm, you may have something there ...
    Momma's baby, Daddy's? Maybe....

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    To be more specific: Carrie Fisher *does* resember her mother a bit, and likewise Jamie Leigh is does remind me a little of her (much more classically beautiful) mother.

    But I really see none of Eddie Fisher in Carrie, and only just a hint--in the eyes and the expression--of Tony in Jamie.

    I saw Janet Leigh once in person and actually got to talk to her for a moment. She was so pretty and hyper and kooky and funny, full of piss and vinegar (especially on the subject of Howard Hughes, I think it was)--just a delightful person really. I was truly shocked when she died. She had so much energy and life force I thought she'd live to be very old--feisty all the way, too.
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