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Thread: Hayden Panettiere - Got Milk?! ad

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    I only like her because she's always around/available so it's easy to see what she's up to. I'm sure a lot of people who like her feel the same way. She's not the cutest, but she's always there so she grows on you.

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    @ the myspace pic!

    I think she's unattractive. She makes me want to overpluck!
    When your daughter plays "House," she pretends to be an annoying doctor with a pill-addiction and a limp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRAZY 'N' NUTS View Post
    This chick is so not cute, what's the big deal about her?
    She's blonde.

    You could be the blandest, most generic, homely, cut-from-the-same-cloth looking girl, but if you're blonde that puts you on a pedestal.

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    Why won't she fall off the face of the earth already?

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