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Thread: Gemma Ward - Vogue Magazine by Mario Testino - May 2005

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    she has an interesting look, but, yeah she is very doll-like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glamazon View Post
    she is an example of being thin, and not bony. her arms look like arms, and not twisty ties, like Vlada's.
    i agree. i think you can tell, when looking at models, which one are built like that naturally and which ones have to starve to keep their weight down. i know a girl like that. she does runway for couture houses and lots of press ads in france and in pics she's got the same look as this chick - thin but not bony. in real life she's very pretty but a bit odd looking because it's like she has the tiny bird-like bone structure and build and overall petite-ness of a tiny, slim asian girl except she's french and 6 feet tall.

    i like gemma ward's face. it is very doll-like and a bit strange but that's what sets her apart.
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    i really like her, she looks just like a doll, like a beautiful doll

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    she's my favorite model, i think she's gorgeous.

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