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Thread: Evan Rachel Wood - NYLON magazine - September 2007

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    These pics are good, they make her look decent at least

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    Quote Originally Posted by honeysuckle View Post
    i have never seen her in a close up but she is pretty why is she wasting her time with manson?
    I'm thinking she's young and going through a stupid phase. Wait, Dita went with manson, too. Um, I guess that blows my theory. Who knows.
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    Evan has Dita on the brain again...

    “I keep the simple blonde look because of my job, but if I weren’t acting, I’d have short black hair".

    Thats a quote from her recent NY magazine interview.

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    Yeah I have always admired her talent, especially in the movie Thirteen..but I really dont like her and Manson together..she could do so much better.

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    She looks very unique in a good way.
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