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Thread: Drew Barrymore-Harper's Bazaar-November 2008

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    She looks very beautiful in these pictures but as of late she's gotten really weird to me for some reason. She used to be much more "fun" but I think she's taking herself much too seriously lately. I don't know what it is. The way she speaks greats on my nerves. She sounds like she's trying really hard to sound normal. She was really horrid in that movie about the Boston Red Socks?

    But she looks hot as hell here. I hope she gets it back on track whatever it is.

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    I love it. I would love to be sitting on that dock right now, fishing & smoking.
    So peaceful.

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    She really looks good. How much photoshopping and airbrushing I wonder.

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    I love this woman! She's like a breath of fresh air. I wonder if she's ever in a bad mood?
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    i'd never describe her as beautiful but she looks fresh and happy and id love to hang out with her.
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    Damn. When did she become a model? Wow.

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