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Thread: From Dina Lohan's reality show, featuring 14 year old Aliana Lohan - October 2007

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    I think she's a very attractive young lady, though she looks way older than she is and that's not a great idea. Hopefully she'll remain wholesome looking, but we all know where all this is leading.

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    She is gorgeous in some of the pics, LLs twin in some and 25 in others.

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    Not sure if this was posted somewhere already but...

    13 Isn't What It Used To Be

    UsWeekly posted a side-by-side of Lindsay Lohan when she was 13 and her sister, Ali Lohan, who is 13 now. Yup, 13 has changed a lot. We know this. Nowadays 13-year-olds are having babies and bragging about it on Maury.
    White Oprah said that Ali and Lindsay are a lot alike. She told UsWeekly, “My daughters have an interest in the arts and I support them.”
    The arts?! The art of being an orangehobagskankslutcokehead.

    Whao, creepy.

    edit to add: umm. she's actually 13 people..

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    With some (I mean loads) make up and pose pics 13 year old Lindsay would also look like a 25 year old. At that time Dina earned money with Lindsay being a cute young girl while time has changed and Ali's next.... The sooner Dina can sell her out the better...

    So SAD.....

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    You can SOOOO tell she is a Lohan!!!
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    Ali Lohan birthdate: December 22, 1993. So yeah, I guess she is technically still 13 and will turn 14 in another month.

    Another pic of Lindsay around 13:
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