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Thread: Daniel Craig, George Clooney, and Matt Damon Vanity Fair February 2012

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    Individual shots of George, Matt & Daniel - George looks handsome in both photos, Matt looks better on the cover still handsome though and Daniel looks better in the photo below:

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    Of the three, only George is handling hd with aplomb.

    JFC, I hate Craig's fucking playmate pout so much.
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    Clooney is just smarmy mofo...does nothing for me. He screams fraud to me.
    I would bang Damon left and right.
    Craig is just blah. I guess Mr. Pitt was unavailable...
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    Matt Damon isn't classically handsome or cute, but I'm just so damn attracted to him, same with Daniel Craig. Clooney really doesn't do much for me, though he was hot as hell in From Dusk Till Dawn.

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