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Thread: Charlize Theron - Lance Staedler Photoshoot - 1997

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    Yeah, I guess the fad always changes. Some women just look better with some meat on their bones. She's one of them.

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    She is stunning.

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    I'm surprised her craziness is not shining through.
    Don't like her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lily View Post
    ^I never said it didn't exist, but it certainly wasn't the norm. When Kate Moss was a supermodel, so was Cindy Crawford, who was not a stick at all. Actresses looked healthy and beautiful (like Charlize here) and they weren't all starving themselves just to be a size zero.
    Well they did co-exist, in a way. Out of all the supermodels, I think Cindy blew them all out of the water IMO. As far as Naomi and Tyra, I liked Tyra at the time but now she just gets on my nerves with that lacefront weave in her head.

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